Sever: to break off or dissolve (ties, relations, etc.)

I just resigned from my job.  I’ll be working for another month, then I’ll be a full-time student.

The least supportive people in all of this are my parents.

I told my mother two days ago over the phone.  My mother told my father that I wanted to quit my job and go to school full-time.  They both agreed that I should move to Virginia with them and finish school there.  That is obviously not going to happen.  The opportunities in New York greatly exceed those in Chesapeake, Virginia.  This is just a guess, I am not basing it off of any concrete information.  Please let me know if you find otherwise.

I can’t leave New York.  I need my friends in my life right now.  My incredible, unbelievable, wonderful friends.  Let’s get one thing straight – I’m an asshole.  Only portions of my assholey-ness are outwardly expressed.  I let everything else fester in my mind, and I later use it to justify to myself calling myself an asshole.  It is this personal assurance of my assholey-ness which makes me even more appreciative of my friends.  I mean, if there are people amazing enough to comfort me through heartbreak and support me in the boldest decision I have ever made, then maybe I’m doing something right.

5 Responses to “Sever: to break off or dissolve (ties, relations, etc.)”

  1. Johnny Says:

    Good luck, kiddo.

  2. Meredith Says:

    Very commendable and brave!! I hope it’s an exciting year for you!

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