“Sometimes you’re nothing but meat.”

Lately when asked how I am, which is increasingly annoying when presented with that look and that pitiful tone of voice, my inclination is to phrase my reply in terms of how one might like his/her steak cooked.

Feelings of despondency, grieving, and hopelessness can be described as rare.  It is known that rare steaks retain more juice and the middle is red and not very warm.  Something retained is not free, and to be free is to be generous and willing.  Both are qualities that a rare person may have trouble achieving.  Also, if something is not very warm, it is likely cold.  When describing a person as cold, one may mean that the person is joyless and apathetic, but not happy and enthused.

When a steak is medium rare, it will have a red, warm center.  A person feeling medium rare may be a step above the all-consuming sadness of a solely rare person.  Although something may be troubling a medium rare person, he/she is responsive to life and able to experience pleasure when distracted from his/her afflictions.

A medium steak contains a hot and red middle with pink surrounding the center. The outside is gray-brown.  If a person describes how he/she is as medium, this means his/her life is adequate.  The pain that he/she feels is tolerable, and the moments of elation, though few and far between, are still present.

If cooked to a core temperature of 160 degrees Fahrenheit causing the center to be surrounded by light pink, the steak is medium well.  Someone who feels medium well experiences little suffering and heartache.  Times of bliss and jubilation are more plentiful for him/her.  However, from time to time he/she does encounter hardships but is usually quick to recover and shift back into a state of satisfaction.

Finally, there is the well done steak.  Here the steak is cooked to the highest temperature and is gray-brown throughout and slightly charred.  It is said that cooking steak to this point results in tougher meat and reduces concern about disease.  Someone that is tough is vigorous and mentally strong.  A tough person will prevail in most things and will have the power to control his/her emotions.  Having concern brings about anxiety and worry, and the lessening of those things is necessary to enjoy every part of life and live in ecstasy.

Completely unrelated, if anyone knows the whereabouts of Harriet Wheeler and David Gavurin, please let them know that I need to see The Sundays perform live before I die.

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  2. Charlie Says:

    Where are you from? Is it a secret? :)

  3. Ashleigh Says:

    Not a secret at all. I’m from New Orleans but I live in the magical land that is East Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

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