Nothing lasts. Everything ends. Material art and unobservable ideas, love letters, stars, songs, that aching, wanting, starving feeling – eventually will all be gone. Night culminates with morning, and although it comes back shortly thereafter, this too will stop. Humanity will surely become extinct, and the earth will cease to exist. The term forever is deceptive.

But the ancient Egyptians believed that a person would live on forever in the afterlife.  Consequently, they believed that the body needed to be preserved to ensure this life after death.  The Egyptians would mummify their dead and put the body into a sarcophagus.  The sarcophagus would be placed in a tomb with food, drink, and riches for use in the hereafter.  Even the organs were placed in Canopic jars and left in the tomb.  Ceremonies like the Opening of the Mouth were performed to prepare the dead for this new life after death.

The most amazing Egyptian mummy that I have seen was at the Vatican Museum.  He was from 1000 BC.  You could see where they pulled his brain out through his eye socket.  The strands of dyed-red hair on his head were clearly visible.  His toenails were in plain view, and each finger was perfectly in place.

This man could never have imagined that this would be the fate of his body – to be placed behind a glass wall and exploited.  I imagine he couldn’t fathom the idea that thousands of years later he would be pointed at by people from around the world, all while they took digital photos of his corpse.  I wonder if it would it insult this man to know that some people are repulsed by the sight of him.  Honestly, I wonder a lot about every mummy that I see or read about.  It amazes me to stare at the remains of a person who once lived, breathed, and loved, but is now nothing but dried flesh covering abandoned bones.

No, I’m sure he never could have imagined this.


Mummy in its case, Vatican Museum


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  1. Kat Says:

    That is awsome! The mummy is a woman though. lylas

  2. Ashleigh Says:

    See, I thought it was a woman, but then I read this:
    Is that description about a different mummy?

  3. des! Says:

    man, i wish those photos weren’t so dark. also, i really want quinn to read this entry.

  4. Ashleigh Says:

    Why do you want Q to read it? I’ma post it on her FB…

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