Tabun, Sarin, & Mickey Mouse

Gas masks, along with children, can be incredibly creepy. Horror movies confirm this statement. Some films depict murderers donning gas masks with no threat of a chemical attack, while others show herds of creepy children murdering countless adults with sickles and machetes.

Therefore, putting a gas mask on a child would intensify his/her creepiness.  There is no horror movie to confirm this statement, but one can easily Google “World War 2 children gas masks” for proof.  As if putting the traditional gas mask on a child wasn’t enough, in 1942 the Mickey Mouse Gas Mask for children was manufactured.  The design was intended to be fun for children.  This way, if there was a gas attack on civilian population, children would react as if it were a game.

Luckily (for the survival of the children and the parents’ potential nightmares), the Mickey Mouse Gas Mask never had to be used for its intended purpose.  No matter how fun these masks were made to look, I think children would quickly realize that tabun was not a game when the leak in Daddy’s mask caused a runny nose and trouble breathing to escalate into convulsions and loss of bladder control.  Or maybe the fun of sarin would have worn off when Mommy couldn’t get her mask on fast enough and she lost control of her bodily functions causing her to vomit, defecate, and urinate on herself before suffocating in a series of uncontrollable spasms.

See, that Mickey Mouse Gas Mask doesn’t seem so fun anymore.


Mickey Mouse Gas Mask (above), children in gas masks during WW2 (below)


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6 Responses to “Tabun, Sarin, & Mickey Mouse”

  1. Ian T. Says:

    just came across this earlier today on some random site

  2. Kevin Galligan Says:

    Disturbing, for sure. However, the first thing I thought was, “damn, that MM mask would make a ton on ebay”.

  3. Ashleigh Says:

    Ian, thanks for more fuel for my nightmares.

    And Kevin, only 1,000 of those masks were made. So yes, one would make a TON on ebay.

  4. alex grainger Says:

    I agree this is disturbing but I kinda got over the fear of it. To me gasmasks r cool cuz I have a collection of them and the mikey mouse one… its old and the paint frum the canister is flaking off. I’m gonna put smthing on it to keep it well. Btw I’m not selling it. It wuz me great grandfathers.

  5. Brown Says:


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