Voodoo Hoodoo Cure-All Recipe

Voodoo Hoodoo superstitions and spells:

If you lay a broom across the doorway at night, a witch can’t come in and hurt you.
Having a woman visit you the first thing on Monday mornings is bad luck for the rest of the week.
Don’t borrow or lend salt because that is bad luck.
If you sweep trash out of the house after dark you will sweep away your luck.
Don’t shake a tablecloth outside after dark or someone in your family will die.
To stop a Voodoo spell being placed upon you, acquire some bristles from a pig cooked at a Voodoo ritual, tie the bristles into a bundle and carry them on you at all times.
If a woman sprinkles some salt from her house to yours, it will give you bad luck until you clean the salt away and put pepper over your door sill.
If a woman wants her husband to stay away from other woman, she can do so by putting a little of her blood in his coffee, and he will never quit her.
If a woman’s husband dies and you don’t want her to marry again, cut all of her husband’s shoes all in little pieces, just as soon as he is dead, and she will never marry again.
You can give someone a headache by taking and turning their picture upside down.
You can harm a person in whatever way you want to by getting a lock of his hair and burning some and throwing the rest away.
You can make a farmer’s well go dry by putting some soda in the well for one week, each day; then drawing a bucket of water out and throwing it in the river to make the well go dry.

A very popular Voodoo spell is a cure-all that can solve all problems.  There are a variety of cure-all recipes.  For example, mix jimson weed with sulphur and honey in a glass.  Rub the mixture against a black cat, and then slowly sip it.

The definition of a problem is (1) any question or matter involving doubt, uncertainty, or difficulty, (2) a question proposed for solution or discussion.

Per that definition, I have a problem.  After presenting this inquiry for analysis to others, I have found that it is a conundrum for many.  My puzzle is this: when someone says “I do not want to be in a relationship”, does it actually mean “I do not want to be in a relationship with you”?  One may truly mean that he/she does not want to be romantically committed to anyone, but the enigma exists when he/she is consistently dating one person for extended periods of time.  It’s as if he/she perpetually has someone in the role as his/her significant other, and when this other goes away for whatever reason there is a replacement lined up.

To clarify my bafflement, the addition of “with you” to the original statement would make sense except for cases in which the person making the declaration remains dating a certain other for a prolonged period of time before replacing this other with another.  Once he/she is done with another, he/she finds someone else.  Is the role of girlfriend/boyfriend a circle of substitutions made with no regard to other/another/someone else’s feelings?  Possible douchebaggery?  Or is the person remaining constant in these circles just as confused as the people that he/she leaves behind?

I want to know what this means for all parties involved, but I have yet to find some jimson weed or a person to offer explanation for this dilemma.

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