“Thoughts right now: Am I here? I’m never here.” (Zelda, shapeshifting, Labyrinth, & upstate)

I was at the the duck sitting between Elliot and Andrea when someone mentioned video games.

“I’m not allowed to have video games,” I told them.  “I get addicted, and I end up playing for hours.  It was like that with the first Zelda.  I never won, and I even had the map.”

Andrea shook her head.  “See,” she said, “cheating doesn’t get you anywhere.”

I had a similar conversation on the drive upstate with Dave and Liz.  We were on our way to the house in Medusa to record Sami Akbari’s EP for Mad Hatter.

Eleven of us are here now.

Last night, we finished a bottle of Jameson 12 Year Old Special Reserve in no time. A few of us stepped outside to smoke.  There were so many stars.  We heard what we assumed to be coyotes in the distance.

“I bet they’re shapeshifters.  They’re really people who changed into coyotes,” I observed.

“I like how you think,” one of the boys said.

My favorite shapeshifting occurs in the film Labyrinth.  Jareth, the Goblin King (portrayed by David Bowie), has the ability to transform into a barn owl, as is his state the first time he appears to Sarah (portrayed by Jennifer Connelly).

Another conversation last night included me telling the group that the Goblin King was the first man I ever loved.  He offered Sarah her dreams, still she chose not to be with him.

When I was younger, I had a dream that I was falling through the Helping Hands in Labyrinth on my way to the oubliette.  Upon awakening, my arms were sore from the Hands’ grip.

Also, a night after the one that began this post, I saw Arianna at the duck.  “I read your blog,” she confessed.  “I feel like I am peeking into your consciousness, only you can’t see into mine.”

I have no qualms with this; I don’t mean to hide anything.  I am tired of hiding things.

We have been recording drums all day.  Tonight, I think I’ll hear them in my sleep.

Watch Helping Hands here.


(Legend of Zelda original map, above)

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  1. Johnny Says:

    I like how you think.

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