Things That Were Said

“When I told him I quit my job, he said ‘Make sure you change out of your pajamas.’”

“It’s as big a deal as you make it.”

“I can’t believe I almost let it happen again.”

“Drummers are a thing apart from the rest of the band. They’re an island amongst the sea of rock and roll glamor.”

“Well at least now you know.”

“Every person you meet on your path to enlightenment is a teacher.”

“Love is rubbing the soap in your own eyes before bathing the one that you love.”

“I don’t know what to say. I’ve got nothing prepared.”

“Jello: It’s the official food of the Navy Seals.”

“It’s like they want all the perks of having a girlfriend without calling someone their girlfriend.”

“We’ll be go-go dancers too. We’ll be the best go-go dancers because we have heart. We got fucking heart.”

“There’s something to be said about magic.”

“I don’t understand how two people like each other so much, but it still doesn’t work.”

“It’s a familiar feeling. Like I could cry at any moment. But I don’t.”

“It’s a juicer. Well, it’s either a juicer, or a time machine.”

“If you were one of those dolls where you pull a string on its back and it says something, it would say ‘If you were one of those dolls where you pull a string on its back…’”

“Fried chicken and wine make me feel fancy.”

“You’re really good at disappearing.”

“Sometimes things are so good, you think they won’t get bad again. And sometimes things are so bad, you think they won’t get good again.”

“Your boobs are doing it tonight.”

“Well, you did it. Just like last time, you did it.”

“Just keep dancing.”

“I’ll miss you very much.”

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