Things That Were Said (Vol. 2)

“I was monchichi-ed on him.”

“What works better than ‘go away’?”

“Are you Hugh Grant? Why do you have such floppy hair?”

“We defenestrated it.”

“Chambord tastes like my broken heart.”

“For years and years I thought Omaha was a state.”

“Can’t you eat whipped cream and look at the same time?”

“Sometimes shaking people into submission isn’t a bad thing.”

“We needed an enforced post-coital separation.”

“Before a good battle, I like to have a bowl of pasta.”

“You can’t live in a vacuum with someone.”

“That guy makes me hope that when scientists say if you wear tight pants you can’t have children, it’s true.”

“You should just go to YouTube and look up farts.”

“I need to wash my face.”
“I need to wash my soul.”

“I’m going to have a seizure because I keep smelling pickles.”

“You shot a cow!”

“The samurai doesn’t whip out the sword unless he’s gonna use it.”

“Are you running from the law?”
“What did you say about LOST?”

“She took $100 bill, stuffed it in the waiter’s mouth, and said ‘shut the fuck up bitch’.”

“I just don’t know what to do about it.”

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